Photo of Karen Leslie Bradford

From an early age, Karen has loved the art of dance.  Her desires to be a dancer led her to study dance at Wittenberg University.  There she learned different dance styles including modern, jazz, tap, Chinese, and ballet.  While studying abroad in Mexico, Karen added Flamenco to her dance repertoire.

Karen began learning, dancing and performing the art of belly dance in Yellow Springs, Ohio, taking classes from the talented and amazing dancer Rayanne.  Being a member of Egyptian Breeze Dance Troupe gave her the opportunity to hone her dance skills and fall in love with Middle Eastern dance.

Karen enjoyed many seasons of performances with Egyptian Breeze before she moved to Columbus, Ohio.

In Columbus she teaches Belly Dance and Cardio Belly Dance classes at the Worthington Community Center.  Karen and some of the wonderful women in her class formed the Flying Squirrels Belly Dance Troupe in 2013.

She loves incorporating the moves and flavors of the other dance styles she has studied into her belly dancing.

She has had the good fortune to dance with and learn from many great dancers, Rayanne, Shakira, Layla Gamal, Reyhan, Eva Cernik, Serap Su to name a few.


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