karen12aWeekly Classes Mondays at 7:30PM – 8:30PM

Location: Worthington Community Center
345 E Wilson Bridge Rd, Worthington, OH 43085
(614) 436-2743

Belly Dance for Fitness-Dance Buffet

January 8, 2018 – February 12, 2018



Always been curious about belly dance? Here is your chance to give the different facets of belly dance a try. This session will start off with learning basic movements – hip circles, snake arms, shimmies. Then we will experiment with different props – veil, fan veils, zils – that add fun, flair, and fantastic to the dance. No dance experience necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing.


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Private Classes



$40/ hour     Private classes are available for those that prefer one-on-one or small group specialized instruction and attention.



Belly Dance Parties




$150       Princess party – This 45 minute party will have your little girl and her friends giggling with delight as they slide, spin and shimmy to  the beat of the drum.  They will learn basic belly dance moves then turn them into a short combination set to their favorite song.  The guest of honor will receive a music CD and hipscarf as gifts. Party guests will be able to borrow a hipscarf during the lesson.


$175       Belly Gram – Surprise your guest of honor with their very own 10 minute belly gram.  The belly gram features a veil entrance, drum solo, and a song that will get your guests up and dancing.  It is perfect for a birthday, office, promotion, retirement, anniversary party.


$225       Party Class – Get the girls together to celebrate in movement and motion as you learn how to belly dance.  In this one hour lesson, you will learn basic belly dance moves then form them into a short combination that you can dance in your home or at your favorite dance club.  Parties are tailored to fit your celebration and can focus on learning the sensual and slinky, the joyful and jolly or fiery and fierce parts of belly dance.  The guest of honor will receive a music CD and hipscarf as giftsparty-promo-pix-2. Party guests will be able to borrow a hipscarf during the lesson.


$275        Party Class and Show – All the elements of the class party with the added bonus of entertaining your guests with a 10 minute show that includes veil and finger cymbals.


$350        Event Show – Add a bit of mystique to your next event with a belly dance performance.  Become transfixed as you listen to the finger cymbals, watch the veil and see the movements that make belly dance incredible.  The performance can be either one 20 minute set or two 10 minute sets with a costume change in between and can be tailed to your event.


Contact Karen – yaradancefitness@gmail.com